Dancensations Dance Center has been a leader in dance & gymnastics training in the Northern Virginia region since 1989. They have trained several dancers who have gone on to professional dance careers in companies such as, American Ballet Theatre, Rockettes, Mark Morris Dance Group, Texas Ballet Theater, Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago, and River North Dance Company to name a few, as well as Broadway and cruise lines. Dancensations has also been named in the Top 50 Dance Schools in the country by Federation of Dance Competitions.

Dance & Gymnastics Instruction

Dancensations Dance Center has excelled in dance education for more than 25 years. For those who just want to express themselves through music and movement in a fun, educational program, we offer non-competitive classes. We also have award-winning competitive teams, which have been World and Regional Champions for the past 20 years. We offer classes for pre-schoolers with dance and gymnastics classes geared for boys and girls ages 3–5.

Sensations Showgroup


Sensations Showgroup consists of enthusiastic, hard-working, talented children ranging in age from 3 to 18, who study a variety of dance disciplines. This program provides dancers with educational, performing, and competitive opportunities. The group travels around the region and the country attending conventions and competitions and performing at local charitable and fundraising events.

Gymnastics Team


The Xcel Program is for those who(1) have no previous USAG competitive experience and wish to begin competing; (2) desire the opportunity to perform optional choreographed routines, (3) are limited by time and/or financial commitments; (4) were in the JO Program and now wish to train fewer hours while maintaining and continuing to learn new skills; and (5) enjoy and love the sport of gymnastics.